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We create, implement, promote, optimize, test, teach to sell — we ride on the same wave! And this is the most valuable part of cooperation with us. 

If you are «our» client that means you are interested in the result, not in the process! 


We have advertised everything: from plumbing business to global companies


We know where your clients are, what they’re looking for, and what they look like

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Full range of our capabilities

Creating a corporate identity

We just love every brand: we bring your ideas to life and improve existing ones. Our objective is to build a strong and well-known brand, whose success will be exciting to follow. Our arsenal includes modern methods for brand care: careful brand positioning, considerate naming, visual brand presentation — with love for the details.

SEO promotion

Do you want to be found on Google, Bing and Yahoo? New Internet sites are businesses in remote locations and with no visibility. Our marketing agency promotes your site to be found.

Contextual advertising

We elaborate advertising, not just come up with it. We compile information, conduct a thorough analysis, define communication objectives — and use this information to develop a creative idea. We audit businesses and competitors, gather keywords, develop an individual advertising strategy, set up an account, create ads and creatives, set up remarketing, monitor effectiveness daily, expand the semantic core, test different ad types, optimize cost per click and analyze campaign results.

Targeted advertising

Need sales now? Intelligently set up advertising in social networks will bring you new customers. Every business has its own combination of platforms.

Social media advertising

Do you want to be in front of your customers’ eyes every day? Do you want to get closer to your customers and get fans? Our 60 days step Marketing Strategy agency will bring your business closer to your target audience through social media.

Website development

The company 60 days step Marketing Strategy works on website development and creation, conducting research on the market niche you are interested in, we develop the most effective ways of business development on the Internet, we conduct advertising campaigns to attract the target audience and provide many other services of web direction. Before we start creating a website, we analyze your needs and decide what tasks the site should perform. This allows you to create powerful online tools for the development of any business.

CRM integration

With CRM-system integration we accumulate, summarize and analyze data on the results of marketing campaigns, sales per customer, customer service operations. Information about customer relations occurs and is used in different departments of the company. Using a CRM-system we coordinate the actions of various departments of the company on the basis of providing them with common information.

A/B testing

We do market research, we test different hypotheses and work only with the most favorable solutions!

Marketing analysts

We analyze consumer’s interests, and implement it in to your product. As the result of the project we provide the customer a detailed report with recommendations. We apply various research tools and methods: we conduct focus groups, express and mass surveys, content research.


We work on client objectives graphically. We stick to a productive design that is based on market and product analysis. We develop a corporate identity and logo. Contact us for high-quality design of packaging, banners and layouts.


Copywriting is a tool for writing advertising and presentational texts. Its resources help to sell a product or service, to present it in the best possible light. It is a study at the intersection of marketing, psychology and scripting. It is a system that combines analysis, a complete understanding of your target audience, as well as writing the text itself. We work with text: we create advertising articles, booklets, prospectuses, brochures, articles for the press, manage corporate blogs.


We analyze the effectiveness of the site and set up web-analytics to optimize advertising campaigns.

Why choose us

Your customers are our victories

Transparent pricing

We get to know the features of your product or service, set the pricing policy, reveal strengths and weaknesses and understand what audience should be targeted. 60 days-step Marketing strategy is a convinced supporter of transparent pricing, so customers can get effective methods at an affordable price.


Our marketing agency develops a strategy exclusively for your business and not just selling «standard» solutions. Even at the initial stage we are 100% sure of a great result.


We work under contract with clear guarantees and responsibilities!


We research your business and company to make the site that you need. We are always in touch to discuss business matters. 60 days Step Marketing Strategy has a large number of professional staff members for any of your needs, which allows you to promote the product or brand even more efficiently.

How we work

We cover all business aspects

Tools, technologies and techniques-those are all secondary ways of putting a product on the market.

First of all you need to start with answering to the following questions: «Who are you?», «What makes you different from the competitors?», «What are the advantages of your business?» Why should the client choose you?

Our marketing company 60 days step Marketing Strategy will help to identify your main advantages, will form a promotion strategy and will choose the most effective tools to promote a product or service. 

Online marketing

Integrated internet marketing from 60days-step marketing strategy!

We guarantee the greatest outcome from the target audience of the company’s website.

Marketing agency 60 days step Marketing Strategy uses only those Internet marketing tools that will bring your business to the TOPS:  search engine optimization (SEO), contextual advertising, media advertising, SMO and SMM, viral and direct marketing.

Hot clients

Your goal — more «hot» customers ready to buy a product or service?  60 days Step Marketing Strategy knows what methods should be used to increase the number of  «hot» clients. 

  • Contextual advertising — we will customize the advertising so that your site will be one of the first to be shown in the search engine. 

  • Search engine optimization will allow your site to be one of the first in the search list.
  • We can design the site in such way that it will be convenient and easy to use. 

  •  Agiotage. «hot» offers- for hot clients. ! We know how to warm the interest up  and make the «cold» client to become «hot». 

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