Why Us?

What we do: Communities Creating a presence strategy Maintaining communities on social networks Targeted advertising on social networks Publicity in popular social networks Contest management Crowd-marketing Advertising with popular bloggers Organization of blog tours Reputation management Advertisement on forums Targeted advertising Launch of advertising in social networks Different formats of appeals Video advertising Promotion of […]

Logistics company SmartDelivery

CATEGORY: SERVICES FOR FOREIGN COMPANIES Development of a quiz Banner preparation, over 15 pieces Setting up targeted ads Contextual advertising and CMN settings in Google SEO optimization, redesign, articles, re-structuring Work on Spain, Europe, Russia in 3 languages RESULTS: The bid price for targeting has been reduced from 14 € to 1.5 € Context bids […]

5 tips from a targetologist for static creatives.

The main purpose of advertising is to hook the viewer and get their attention.⠀Our tagger told us 5 actionable tips on creating creative for ads.⠀1️⃣. It is forbidden to use «home» pictures of products for advertising. In this case, everything suffers: light, background, clarity, highlight, pitch, etc.⠀2️⃣. Photos with people in them are statistically 30% […]

Mega Boss

🖐Hi, I’m Yakov Potopov and I’ve been running my digital agency 60 Day Step for over 5 years. Let’s get acquainted. I’ll tell you a little bit about myself.⠀📈I started to get interested in marketing and business when I was young. Now I often attend various business conferences on sales, marketing and various other profile […]

Where to find us?

Looking for the international marketing specialists. Paying attention to the reviews, want to see some real cases the agency has worked on. Hate mess in pricing and services lists. Contact us!👉🏼We are reachable via Direct, just hit the button and say «hello, I am looking to sigh up for a free consultation»👉🏼Click on the link […]

What takes you so long?

👍🏼 We take every case very seriously, thus, we need some time to find the right approach for YOU to make it work.🤫 We assert, that 60 is the maximum time we might need. Let me take a step back and remind you that for the long lasting results we need to run A/B tests […]

The market is increasing very rapidly

The competitors are always there and the earlier you start the promotion company for your business — the better.The modern world has its own rules and those rules include social media whether you agree or not. I can imagine the fear you might experience if you have never dealt with social networks before, that is […]