Cleaning company «Air Duct»

Case study. Building a funnel for Air Duct

Air Duct is a company in the United States that specializes in cleaning pipes and vents in private houses.

Stages of funnel development

Stage One.

Before launching the advertising campaigns, we needed to think about the path that each user takes.

Through working with the customer, we shaped the customer journey, which includes the following
1. Saw an advertising banner with a relevant and profitable offer
2. Followed the link to the site to take the survey
3. Submitted a request to secure a discount and get the service
4. Mailing out with an increased discount for the first service (in case of rejection)

These steps made the funnel. Each step is a conversion, which can be optimized to improve the results
of the advertising campaign and business.

The second step.

Next we had to do the following preparatory work:
1. Development of advertising banners. The offer in this project was a $50 discount on the first purge
2. Development of the landing page. It was decided to create a website-quiz.
3. Manual mailing on WhatsApp with the offerer a discount of $70 for the first purge with deadline

Key conversions:
— From banner display to site conversion (Next — CTR)
— From website click to bid (Next — cv. lead)
— From request to payment (Next — cv. sale)
— From refusal to return (cv. return)



Newsletter text:

Funnel Adjustment.

After launching the advertising campaigns, we received 1 bid for $67

The decision was made to promptly adjust the mechanics of the ads and drive traffic to the created lead form within Facebook. This decision brought us the first 13 bids at a price of $28, later the price per bid decreased within 45 days to $23 per bid. We managed to get 107 more bids at the reduced price.


This solution brought us the first 13 requests for vent cleaning at $28. Later the price decreased within 45 days to $23 per request.

The return conversion from the mailing list (-$70 discount) was 10%

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