How to attract customers to a specific narrow trade segment? PolyWall — multi screen wall and software for process management and operations.

About the company

The moment PolyWall contacted us we understood that guys from spy movies exist! Giant operation centers, security spots, corporate AR networks — they cover everything. The company installs personalized software for any business task. 

The interface is friendly and easy to catch — you need to press only a few buttons to launch transition to the main screen. Thus PolyWall suits multiple businesses — from a plane takeoff to the stock market control. 

The case seemed complicated and thus interesting. The niche of operation walls is specific and has a long process of closing a deal.


Full 360 service. The social media package included Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Content, plan, posts, articles, professional content.

Search engine marketing — Google Ads, landing page, SEO.

To be honest, we had never known so much about operation walls before!

First month – SMM and tricky India

After a few tests we detected the target audience as companies on the stage of developing their control office or operation center. Sectors are multiple — from government and transport to army and corporate. Project managers, pre-sales, chief-executives were defined as decision makers.

We decided to focus on case studies and facilities of the product. We wanted to show high professionalism in our accounts, so we hired a native Spanish interpreter with a technical education. He started to write articles and posts.

For the Facebook Ads we started with the next groups of interests: Audio and Visual industry, Visual Technologies and Effects, Software and Engineering.

The first two weeks we attracted customers to the main website page. Later we’ll switch to the special landing.

Social Media Ads in numbers


Spent — $45,75

Immersions — 15 177

Clicks — 199

Target action — 1

Target action cost — $45,75


The most resultative creative 

Spent — $177,10

Immersions — 8 100

Clicks — 154

Target action — 7

Target action cost — $25,28

We did research on search requests about command and operation centers. The team found out a lot of traffic from Asia and South America — India and Paraguai. So we decided to test this market on social media and Google Ads.


Spent — $391,2

Immersions — 14 147

Clicks — 1208

Leads — 2

Cost per lead — $195,6

The Indian market appeared to be very tricky. We received a lot of “empty” clicks. So we decided to switch to Latin America. Here we performed much better – 582 clicks and 17 target actions.

During the next period we concentrated on LinkedIn, as Facebook showed much worse performance. Also we created a landing with the invitation to the webinar. 

There was a need for that, as a product needed more attention. Customers had a lot of questions about installation and specs. Webinars showed good results. The lector provided customers with detailed information and answered all questions.


Spent — $240

Immersions — 14 374

Clicks — 136

Target action — 66

Target action cost — $3,63

The most resultative creative 

As a result – 2 purchases up to $6 500. Total – $13 000

After a few sessions of webinars we found out that people fill the forms but don’t come to the event itself. To deal with it we created an email marketing strategy. 

  1. Personal welcome letter with invitation to the webinar
  2. Reminder in 5 minutes before the event
  3. Personal offer after the webinar
  4. Reminder about PolyWall with links to the current articles
  5. Invitation to the next webinar for those who didn’t come the first time.

In order to increase sales we collected a database of LInkedIn users. It contained decision makers, managers and target companies. In total there were 1000 contacts. We reached a great open rate of 26,9% and overall click rate of 3,2%.

Second month – stable traffic and LInkedIn

During this period advertising worked much better and organized. Social media generated traffic to the landing page. Newsletters worked as a reminder and a tool to reach target customers with special offers. Google Ads appeared to be less effective with three times less leads and higher cost per lead.


Spent — $1285,99

Immersions — 80 857

Clicks — 2877

Lead — 27

Cost per lead — $47,59


Spent — $1989,50

Immersions — 55 447

Clicks — 558

Lead — 73

Cost per lead — $27,25


Spent — $208

Interactions — 35 576

CPC — $0,10

The most resultative in LinkedIn

To sum up, during the second month we increased all metrics and generated a stable lead flow. We pulled all efforts to the demo and webinars. They performed best and resulted in purchases.

We also stabilized and increased the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in GoogleAds, eliminated ineffective and non-targeted keys, narrowed the target audience by types of matching, significantly increased the conversion rate in the advertising campaign for the record for the demo.

But still LinkedIn is the best in quality and amount of leads.

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