Logistic company «Smart delivery»

How to receive requests for logistics services for 2 € in Europe?

How does our customer get requests for 2 euros in the freight business worldwide and in the Spanish market?

Smart Delivery is a modern international logistics company which has been operating in the market since 2002. Today Smart Delivery is a reliable logistics operator, providing a full range of transportation and logistics services both in the Spanish and global markets.


Launch advertising campaigns on FB/Instagram, Google by applying our formula to work for 60 days. Find out the price per lead. Increase recognition of the company by reaching the audience.


The primary task was to set up site analytics to track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Analytics helps to understand the behavior of this or that audience, cut off or adjust the weak-performing advertising campaigns, as well as improve the strongest advertising campaigns.

We set up analytics in Google Analytics and installed Facebook Pixel on the website.

The use of analytics services helps to verify and not to miss the data of advertising campaigns.

Advertising campaign
The following areas were chosen for the launch of the advertising campaign:

  1. Parcel delivery service
  2. Relocation assistance service
  3. General brand promotion

Static and animated banners translated into English and Spanish were prepared for each direction. We also developed a semantic core for the contextual advertising campaign for all directions, which was later also translated into English and Spanish.

In the first 2–3 weeks of advertising campaigns the results were disappointing. The price of the application on Google was 27€ , Facebook — 13€.

Measures were taken to optimize the advertising campaigns.


Having analyzed the figures, we have filtered out the most effective and target requests, disabled ineffective directions and expanded the list of minus-words. These measures allowed us to reduce the bid price to 5€. By optimizing our bids further we managed to lower the bid price by another 1€.


It was more difficult with this platform. For 1 month Facebook was inferior to Google in terms of indicators. On the one hand, this makes sense, because a potential client, when he wants to send a parcel, will first search for the right company on the search engine. But we didn’t want to leave things as they were. By preparing stylistically different advertising banners and reconfiguring the audience, we managed to achieve an average bid price
of 2 €.

At one point, the bid price was down to 1.2€.

Examples of photo banners:


Reduced the bid price:

  1. Google. From 27.5 € to 4 €
  2. Facebook. From 13 € to 2 €

Monthly traffic to the site through paid channels was more than 6.000 people

Daily number of requests — 5 requests / day.


In 2 months of work we got more than 10.000 clicks from advertisements and received more than 200 requests for logistics services.

We received more than 500,000 ad impressions on 2 channels.

Tested all the mechanics of advertising offices, as well as more than 15 types of advertising banners.

Reduced the bid price by more than 7 times on Google, and by more than 6 times on Facebook.

Average conversion of the site to the request was 4%.

With this case we want to show that with proper approach such niches as logistics can and should be promoted not only in search engines but also in social networks.

At the end of the work were recommendations for further improvement of advertising campaigns, additional channels of traffic and improving the site to increase the conversion to the application

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