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More than 510 applications for realtor courses!

Top Realty is an online school for realtors. Beginners will learn the profession from the ground up, and experienced professionals will learn new tools and upgrade their skills.

The school was founded by the owner of an existing real estate agency in Nizhny Novgorod.


Create a website. To launch advertising campaigns on FB/Instagram, using our formula for the period of 60 days. Find out the price per lead. To increase recognition of the company by reaching the audience



The first task was to set up website analytics to track the performance of advertising campaigns. Analytics helps to understand the behavior of the audience, cut off or adjust campaigns with poor results, as well as improve the strong ones.

We set up analytics in Google analytics, as well as installed Facebook Pixel on the quiz site.

The use of analytics services helps to verify and not miss the data of advertising campaigns.


We initially understood that it would be difficult for audiences to buy the basic $1,000 New Generation Realtor course because of the low credibility of the school.

To increase credibility, we developed a marketing funnel that included:

  1. leadwire (free class).

2. Tripwire (a low-cost “Quick Start” course)

3. The core product (the “Next Generation Realtor” course)

The second stage of the funnel involved the sales department, whose specialists sold tripwire to users who took the free lesson. And similarly sold the core course to those who took the “Quick Start” course.

We integrated AMO CRM for the sales department.

All requests from the website and social networks (messages) went into the CRM system. We carried out integrations with all the necessary services. This solution helped to organize comfortable and effective work with the leads.

Filtered leads were fed into the crm system, in which the stages of sales and at each stage a series of automatic messages were added.

All the training materials were pre-loaded and designed on a special training platform ZenClass.


The main task of the site (quiz) was to build trust in the school. On this basis, we developed a quiz describing the professional merits of the founder of the school, attached professional certificates in the field of real estate, as well as added a quiz form for a lead magnet (free lesson).

Advertising Campaign

For the advertising campaign we have chosen the audience that is interested in selling real estate and the real estate profession.

We also developed the banners with the offer to get the access to the free lesson.

Geography of display. For the test advertising campaign we decided to test the largest cities of Russia and then gradually remove the ones that give the least amount of leads.

Examples of photo banners:


Received 510 leads for $ 2.5
Covered more than 6″.000 people
The average number of requests per day -9
Increased site conversion rate — 38%


For 1.5 months of work we received more than 510 leads at a price of 2.5 $ per request. At the moment the price per lead was down to $ 1.2.

However, it was not all so good. The customer claimed that there were not enough sales. We started looking for the problem and found it. After listening to the calls, it turned out that the sales people were low on sales and also hadn’t called the free lesson participants in weeks. Note that the sales department was working with the school in an outsourcing format.

This problem resulted in all requests being either poorly handled or not handled at all.

If we only pay attention to marketing in the case study, that would be wrong. On the marketing side, everything was fine, bids at a reasonable price and excellent conversion rates. We saw on the analytics how the audience behaved and understood that we hit the target audience who were interested in the product.

But an important part of the business, namely the sales department, let us down. Directly the sales department leads the company to the desired profit.

With this case we would like to recommend you to form your own sales department, over which there will be an intensive control. Then the joint work of the sales and marketing department will give the desired result.

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