Online store «Mexem Auto Parts»

Promotion of an auto parts store in London!

Mexem Auto Parts is an online store selling original European auto parts and consumables in London.


To launch advertising campaigns with Google Ads using our 60-days formula. To increase website traffic from the Google search engine and get conversions on the target action (price request). Increase the company’s recognition by reaching the audience.



The primary task was to set up site analytics to track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Analytics helps to understand the behavior of the audience, cut off or adjust ad campaigns with poor results and improve the strong ones.

We set up analytics with Google Analytics and linked GA to our back office for deeper analysis.

The ad campaign

To launch the advertising campaign we gathered 3 main groups of keywords:

  • Keywords by car brand
  • Keys by parts
  • Keys with broad relevance (auto parts, auto parts).

First of all we tested the exact key groups, i.e. requests for specific parts and requests for parts for specific car brands. Unfortunately, these groups are quite low-frequency and we received very few impressions for them.

Then we decided to launch advertising campaigns with keywords of a wider relevance (for example: vw autoparts, autoparts for audi, and so on). They showed a greater increase in conversions and reduction of conversion price, so we began to optimize this direction, which subsequently brought an excellent result of the advertising campaign indicators.

Screenshot of the semantic core:

Screenshot from the advertising cabinet:


Daily number of conversions to the website (price request) — 20 requests per day

Received more than 600 visits to the site

Over 50.000 people saw the advertisement

Conversion from website clicks to price requests was 87%.

Conversion price was — 0,4 pound

Individual ads had a CTR of about 12%


In 1 month of work, we got more than 600 target price requests. Conversion from click-through to price request was — 87%.

More than 50.000 citizens of London have seen our ads.

Daily from the site came more than 20 requests prices for parts.

By optimizing the semantic core and making sales ads, we were able to achieve a CTR of 12% for the search group of keywords.

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