Platform for buying and selling tokens of sports teams «StemX»

Football betting which earns cryptocurrency!

StemX is a platform for buying and selling tokens of sports teams. This platform provides an opportunity to earn profits for those who understand and follow soccer events.


To launch advertising campaigns with Google Ads using our 60-days formula. To increase traffic to the site and bypass the blocked advertising accounts.



The first task was to set up site analytics to track the performance of ad campaigns. Analytics helps to understand the behavior of this or that audience, cut off or adjust the weak-performing campaigns as well as improve the strong ones.

We’ve set up analytics with Google Analytics, which we’ve linked to the website and to the ad cabinet.

Using analytics services helps us to verify and keep track of campaign data.

Bypassing Blockchain

Since the attitude of advertising systems to the cryptocurrency industry was ambiguous when the project was in progress, we had to be very careful with the formation of keywords, selection of ad titles and competent filling of the advertising account, followed by the integration of related services.

Advertising campaign

For the test advertising campaign 2 largest online resources in the field of cryptocurrencies were chosen:

  • CoinGecko
  • CoinMarketCap

On that basis we collected the semantic core (translated into English) and launched the first advertising campaigns.

For the geography of display we chose 6 countries, the audience of which we wanted to attract to the website in the first place: UK, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Australia, USA.

We received 39 811 impressions in google search and on KMS sites, as well as 533 clicks on coinmarketcap and coingecko requests.

After analyzing the test campaigns we have made two decisions:

  • Launching a video ad format
  • Increasing the advertising budget.

This allowed us to reduce the rate per 1000 impressions from 9.5$ to 1.8$ and increase the amount of high-quality traffic to the site

Screenshots from the advertising cabinet:

Screenshot of banner ad:


In 1, 5 months we received:
931 visits to the site
55,838 displays of ads at a rate of $ 1.84 per 1000 displays
The average number of unique visits to the site per day — 30 visitors


After the first launch of the advertising campaign we faced blocking of the advertising account due to the fact that the account was registered in Russia, but the payment details were provided from Belarus.

We promptly registered a new account, moved all the necessary integrations and restarted the advertising campaign. This account did not fail us again.

In 1.5 months of work we had more than 900 new unique visitors from target countries. We have had over 50,000 ad impressions. The rate for 1000 displays was reduced from $ 9.5 to $ 1.8.

Summarizing the description of the project StemX, we would like to recommend not to refuse the promotion of your project in the field of cryptocurrencies in search engines. If you are confident in the usefulness of your service or platform, then you will definitely be able to find an approach to the advertising system and attract a huge amount of targeted traffic to your site.

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