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Scratch and get first sales for Singapore market?

Floral Dreams is an online store that offers its customers a variety of handmade decorations made of flowers and other plants.

Before cooperation with us, the store was not promoted in social networks and search engines. At the moment of the beginning of our work the website was finished and the store’s Instagram account was registered.


To launch advertising campaigns in FB/Instagram using our formula for 60 days. To get the first sales and find out their price. Increase recognition of the store by reaching the audience


The primary task was to set up site analytics to track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Analytics helps to understand the behavior of this or that audience, cut off or adjust the weak-performing advertising campaigns, as well as improve the strongest advertising campaigns.

Together with the client, we installed Facebook Pixel on the website and configured the analytics service Google Analytics

The use of analytics services helps to verify and not to miss the data of advertising campaigns.

⬤ Advertising Campaign #1 “Christmas”

For the test advertising campaign, we prepared different versions of ads and banners.

All texts were translated into English.

FB Interests:

  1. Christmas tree toys and decorations
  2. New Year’s Tree
  3. New Year
  4. Celebration
  5. Interior Design

Examples of photo banners:


Received — 39 sales at SGD 13.2 (not including WhatsApp sales)
Reached 21,177 people
Average CTR — 6,4%

Screenshot from Google Analytics

⬤ Advertising campaign #2 “Chinese New Year”

FB Interests:

  1. Chinese New Year
  2. Decorations
  3. Holiday
  4. Flowers
  5. Friends of those whose birthday is coming soon (0–7 days)

Examples of photo banners:


Received — 42 sales at 10.6 SGD (does not include WhatsApp sales)
Reached 37,801 people
Average CTR — 8,3%


With the help of our formula, we managed to make the first launch of the online store profitable.

At one point, we even had to stop the advertising campaign because the number of sales exceeded the customer’s expectations.

The total of 2 campaigns we got:
Over 4,000+ clicks to the site
Reached 58,978 people
Average CTR of the ads was 7,3%
Got over 81 sales of 11,400 SGD

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