Training and retraining center «KOMMUNIKANT BERLIN»

Building a funnel for KOMMUNIKANT BERLIN

KOMMUNIKANT BERLIN is a training and retraining center in Germany. Provides job opportunities for new German residents.

Development phases of the funnel

First stage.

Before launching the advertising campaigns we had to think about the path that each user takes.

Through working with the customer, we shaped the customer journey, which includes the following steps:

  • Saw an ad on Google
  • Followed a link to the website to get acquainted with the center and its services
  • Sent a request for a specific course / course selection
  • Received an automatic message with the terms of cooperation / course selection
  • Agreed to the training and signed the contract.

These steps make up the funnel. Each step is a conversion, which can be optimized to improve the results of the advertising campaign and business.

Second step.

Next we had the following preparatory work:

  • Development of the semantic core for the advertising campaign on Google
  • Development of the landing page. It was decided to create a landing page.
  • Connection of AMO CRM + integration with messengers.



View site
View site screenshot



The site was created, including all additional tasks: domain purchase, domain connection and configuration, connection of SLL certificate

AMO CRM. CRM system was connected to all the necessary integrations (website forms, mail, messengers)

Search engine advertising campaign did not yield strong results. The advertising system was replaced by targeting ads on Facebook, this channel brings applications for 3€ in conjunction with the website and the CRM system

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