Video translation service «VIDBY»

How does an international IT company with an innovative product reach a steady stream of leads?

An innovative service direct from Switzerland.

VIDBY is a service for automatic translation of the language in a video.

A distinctive feature of the service is that it not only translates subtitles, but also translates the audio component. So a user can translate the video and watch it in his native language without reading the subtitles additionally.


Launch advertising campaigns on FB/Instagram, YouTube, Google by applying our 60 days formul. Find out the price of the attracted lead. Increase recognition of the service by reaching the audience. Advertise to the U.S. market, Europe in 3 languages in 3 different directions.


The primary task was to set up site analytics to track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Analytics helps to understand the behavior of this or that audience, cut off or adjust the weak-performing advertising campaigns, as well as to improve the strongest advertising campaigns.We have set up analytics in Google Analytics
Using analytics services helps to verify the data of ad campaigns and not to miss any data.

For the test runs, we segmented the audience into 3 segments:

  1. Video production, editing.
  2. Blogger, Influencer, Media
  3. Online education, online school, owner of an online school.

For each segment, we prepared banners with text individualized for each audience.
For example, when addressing the blogger audience, we offered the offer “Increase the reach and views of your blog by translating videos into other languages. Similarly for other segments. This approach works as a trigger and allows you to attract the attention of your target audience. The banners were also translated from Russian into English, Spanish and French.

Examples of photo banners:

Promotional videos can be requested from our manager, leaving a request on our website


Semantics for an advertising campaign:

  1. Based on the search terms “translate video” and “app for translating videos
  2. Branded. The basis is the name of the service “vidby / VIDBY”.

Added minus-words to filter out non-target audience
Semantics were also translated from Russian into English and Spanish.

Example ads:


For YouTube, the designer prepared a video with a call to action, which we began to promote.
The audience was selected according to related topics, the main ones: translator channels, transcribing. — video link

Geography of the show by advertising channels:

Switzerland, Australia, UK, Canada, France, Spain, USA



Received 31 leads on 21 fr.
Reached 52,759 people
Best GEO and semantics — USA, UK
Best audience — video production, video editing


We got 742 leads at 1.6 fr.
Reached 281.874 people
Best semantics — semantics in Spanish with a CTR of 28%


Reached 7,550 people
The average price per 1,000 impressions — 0.72 fr


This fact is explained by the fact that users who are looking for services for video translation in the search engine are more lukewarm and ready, at least, to test the service and choose for themselves the most convenient and suitable for the price.

If we talk about social networks and YouTube, the audience is introduced to the

service. These areas of advertising can and will bring more and cheaper

result when running retargeting / remarketing ad campaigns with an indication of the benefits and usefulness of the service for audiences who have already navigated to the site and are familiar with the brand. Retargeting will work best after 40–50 days of advertising

We received a total of 773 leads through all traffic channels,

14722 conversions to the site and 23 payments were registered.

The total conversion to lead was 16%.

Conversion to payment — 3%

In order to increase audience loyalty to the product and conversion to a lead, we gave recommendations: provide users with an opportunity to test the service free of charge, which will give an opportunity to evaluate the functionality and the result of use.

With a positive experience of using the test functionality conversion to payment will increase.

Also, when you divide your target audience into segments based on the niche principle, trust in the product increases and conversion rises.

Our formula for 60 days showed the best results after a month of work and we gave the Customer expert information on landing page adjustments and comments to improve the product.

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