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Nice work, guys!
Claudia / Top Realty / Europe
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Hi! We are an online school for Realtors called Top Realty. We approached the guys at 60 days step because we needed to increase the visibility and credibility of our school so we could sell our basic course for $1000. Thanks to your agency's strategy, we received over 500 applications. Thank you for helping us not to lose all the applications we received in addition to working efficiently by exposing the poor performance of the sales department. Now the work is going really well) Good luck to you and thank you again!
Thanks for the professionalism!
Alex / Air Duct / USA
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Hi! Our company Air Duct specializes in cleaning pipes and vents in private homes. The guys at 60 days step did a free audit for us and suggested a strategy that got us over 100 bids with a reduction in bid cost from $67 to $23. Thank you for the constant communication, the effective offers (which we tried to challenge at first), and the regular reports on the advertising campaigns. Best of luck to you)
Thanks for the work done!
Pavel / StemX platform / UAE
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Hi all, my name is Pavel, we are the developers of StemX platform. This is a project in the cryptocurrency industry related to betting on soccer teams. Yes, the project is not simple, but it gives people the opportunity to make good money with risk. 60 Days Step did the most important thing. They bypassed blocking and ads worked steadily. More than 15 visitors a day came to the site and registered on the platform. Yes, there were problems with YouTube and Facebook. In the end they only left Google. This is a really comprehensive approach and an objectively cool start for 2 months to get a general and clear analysis. We needed the ads to report to investors, what we tested and what we got. Thanks for the work done and hope to resume work soon. Good luck!
I recommend this company, 100%!
Oksana P. / Floral Dreams / Singapore
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Thanks to the team of professionals! Honestly, I doubted in the beginning in the success of my idea and did not think that I would get such a great result. The investment in advertising completely paid off in 2 weeks. Their 60 day marketing mix really works. If I test it, then only in this format. Special thanks to Elias for their friendliness and responsiveness throughout.
Keeping working!
Michael / Gifts of Nature / USA
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I express my gratitude to the company 60 Days Step for excellent work. We were satisfied with the bid price of $12 for adding a bulk batch of tea to the cart. After working for 2 months the guys were able to lower the bid price and gave extensive analytics. Keeping working!
Thanks for the work, guys!
Kate / Fitness trainer / USA
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I am a certified fitness trainer and nutritionist in the USA. The guys were tasked with helping me to promote my nutrition and workout programs on Instagram. Thank you for your honesty in telling me from the beginning that blockages were possible. The guys bypassed them and went for $3 average Direct requests. I didn't have time to process them:) Good thing we worked for over a month and I got a lot of feedback on the account and the product. I wish you a huge success!
Excellent job!
Jorge / Smart Delivery / Spain
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Hi! We are a logistics company Smart Delivery, working in the Spanish and global markets. I would like to highlight the professionalism of the guys from 60 days step. After well-designed optimization of advertising campaigns the price of the request reduced by 7 times, they began to cost 1.5 and 2 €, we absolutely did not expect such a result, because we expected that they will cost about 10 €. That's very cool! Thank you!
Thanks for the job
Reiner / Mexem Auto Parts / UK
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"Hi! I am from Mexem Auto Parts. I want to highlight that the 60 days step team is as involved as possible. They are always in touch, giving answers to questions. Not only have we received weekly reports, but also prompt recommendations on what we should do to make advertising work better now. In addition, they know how to defend their position. When we disagreed with something, we were actually proven wrong because the results were there in person) thank you!"
Leila / Kommunikant Berlin / Germany
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Hi! I want to say thank you for the good results. Especially appreciated that in the process, the ineffectiveness of using advertising in Google was revealed, and in order not to drain the budget, the process was rearranged to targeting advertising in social networks. And yes, it worked. Thank you for your work, for always being in touch, giving clear reporting) Everything is super!

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