Sales for SGD 11K just in two months.
Feel the glory! Case story!

Floral Dreams is an online-based store that offers a wast variety of handmade floral decorations.
👉🏼Before reaching out to us the company was not promoted on one network. They first step was to set the website and register the Instagram account.
🤔We had to attract the audience by running the ads via FB/Instagram and analyzing the effectiveness.
1️⃣The first campaign was not a miss. We created to efficient ads and banners for Christmas theme which turned out to be catchy and hit 39sales.
2️⃣The second campaign was the Chinese New Year. The used same strategy and hit 42 sales and 37 801 people were reached by our ads.
😍 In 60 days we got 4k+ clicks on the website. Revenue for the online store was over SGD 11 thousand.
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