Solve it!
Imagine there are 2 clients.

Client A has just entered the business while client B has been on the market for quite some time. Both of them are looking to increase the client flow. Thus, they find the advertising agencies. Let’s look at the approaches the companies take to help their client. You are the expert here, spot the mistake.
👉🏼Client A paid some money for the first consultation. The consultation took around an hour and a half. The manager was very eager to know every detail and issue the client was dealing with. The brief was filled out during the consultation and the pricing was announced. The client left the office with satisfaction and assured he was listened to. In a couple of days the first mocks were ready. Soon the first testing on the audience took place and in a few weeks the promised results were obvious and the client was happy with he steady flow.
👉🏼Client B had a call with a manager of the agency he had picked. During there call the manager announced the pricing and sent the brief via email for the client to fill out on his own. The client sent the brief back and the company started working on the case by presenting one model of advertising. The company announced they will increase in the audience in 2 weeks. The sides terminated the agreement in two weeks and after a month the client ended up just where we left off with no active audience on social networks.
❓Can you tell why did the outcomes differ so much? Try spotting the mistake in the approaches the agencies were following. Take a look at our previous posts, share in comments!

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