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If you care about the result, if you want to expand your own company and attract as much of your audience as possible, you should use an effective way — promotion of your Internet resource in search engines. SEO specialists of 60 days step Marketing Strategy masterfully promote your site and bring it to the first page of search results.
We are interested in your success from the very beginning. The analysis of different methods and application of modern technologies allows us to find the most effective ways of promotion to success, namely to the top positions.

We Increase organic website traffic

Compile an extensive semantic kernel and implement it on the site

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Complex approach

Complex approach

Contract starting from 6 months

Contract starting from 6 months

Personal account manager

Personal account manager

Why come to us?

Save time and effort with our help

We're ready to get to work at any stage

We can start work at any moment: we will analyze your site to the last line of code, detect obvious and hidden problems and flaws, make a plan to fix them and raise your resource to the top. 

Experienced Technicians

We know that the key to success is a strong team. 

The 60 days step Marketing Strategy team has many years of experience both in traditional business (trading platforms, service companies, online stores), and in the infobusiness, which requires a completely different approach and strategies. 

Available 24/7

We work 6/1. If you have an urgent problem, you can call even on your day off, we will try to solve the it.

How the work goes

Comprehensive approach

Our company is ready to create a high-quality website, which will be the key to business success. The marketing agency 60 days step Marketing Strategy is ready to advertise the site with the best marketing tools, promoting it to the top. You will not have to look for several specialists, because 60 days step Marketing Strategy has a comprehensive approach to work and performs «turnkey» work. 


Competitor's audit


Setting up analytics


SEO optimization


Target fulfillment

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