Creating websites of any complexity for any purpose

Most business owners are sure that you need a reliable web studio somewhere in France or Great Britain to create a personal website. But the marketing company 60 days step Marketing Strategy offers a worthy alternative. You can arrange creation of any type of website «turnkey» in our company. We develop and create from scratch functional and comfortable websites designed for different businesses.


A one-page website serving to promote a service or product. Creating a landing page implies a multi-step work with a narrow TA. Landing — a single page, which is designed specifically for a particular product or service. In cooperation with contextual advertising is obtained in general to a very good result. 

Landing page — the best solution for directing customers to the necessary step: buying, booking a seat, sending contact information. 

Digital business card site

This is an Internet resource consisting of several pages and having a one-level structure. Such an Internet portal is ideal for small companies and private entrepreneurs. In order to create a web resource, you will be offered to fill in a questionnaire which allows the experts of 60 Days step Marketing Strategy to understand better the specifics of your business. You will get a site with a stylish and clear interface which will become a business card of your company on the Internet.

Online store

Internet-shop — a site where you can place an order, pay for it online and arrange delivery. The development of such a resource is a complex and time-consuming process that requires knowledge not only in the field of web technologies, but also in web marketing. Entrusting the creation of an online store to the company 60 days step Marketing Strategy is the right decision.

Internet - Catalogue

Developing a site-catalogue will be a right solution for companies, which have a large number of products in their arsenal. 60 days step Marketing Strategy can assist in developing an Internet-catalogue and present it in to the network. The site-structure is convenient for visiting your catalog with the least number of hits, and then for making a «useful» action, namely — to contact the representatives of the company. Individual approach to the development of the catalog site will allow to present the product or service in a first-class manner, thereby encouraging the client to make a purchase. 

Corporate website

A corporate website is an excellent tool for organizing the work of the company’s team on a business product. Individual style is an important part of modern business, and developing a corporate website is one of the most effective ways to strengthen its position.

Quizzes and promos

User-oriented-conversion-oriented. We develop unique quizzes and promo-sites, which inspire the consumer, increase demand on your goods or service and strengthen your positioning on the network. The general knowledge and groundwork of the 60 days step Marketing Strategy team contributes to the fact that the promo-site created by us brings your company to a higher level. We develop Internet resources that lead to results. Promotional websites are more than just a pretty brochure. And we know exactly how to create one to drive sales. 

Market analysis

We analyze your product or service, determine the advantages over competitors and types of your target audience.

Finding the best solution

We prescribe the client’s path on the site, content for interaction and interest. We create several unique design options for your business, identify possible exit points and minimize them. 

Design development and integration into CMS

We develop the site on the appropriate platform, add animations and adapt for different screens. We connect all forms and links, test the site for bugs.

We know which sites will convert!

We will answer your questions

How much?

Prices for services differ, and depend on the amount of work done, on the complexity of the project and on the amount of time spent by specialists. Each order is first sorted into the stages of implementation and an estimate is made, which is necessarily agreed with the customer. We will always go to meet our customers.

How long will the development take?

The term depends on the type of site, its structure and functionality, the complexity of the work, as well as on the promptness of coordination of individual stages with the customer. Our specialist will help you to accurately determine the time of website development.

What is required of me?

Before the development of the site, the customer is surveyed on 3 points:

  • Goals and objectives of the site.
  • Defining what the target audience should look like.
  • Development of several schemes of user communication with the site.


Hundreds of customers have already appreciated the full dedication of the 60 days step Marketing Strategy team. As they say, if a company shows good results and has a positive image with numerous good reviews, this is already an indicator!

What CMS do you use?

We select the optimal CMS system for each individual site:

  • for online store — WordPress+WooCommerce, OpenCart, Bitrix, Cs-Cart;
  • for a business card site — WordPress, html, Drupal;
  • for a landing page — WordPress, Tilda, html;
  • for the online catalog — WordPress, Bitrix, Cs-Cart.

Do you show completed projects?

On our website there is a section «Cases», where you can get acquainted with the work already done on creating websites, landing pages and catalogs.