Targeted advertising on social networks

Targeted advertising on social media is a great tool to attract the most active part of your target audience to your site.

Setting up targeting ads is a form of art  for us. We always strive for better results (better than yesterday).  Before setting up and running targeting, 60 days step Marketing Strategy delves into the client’s product or service, then creates an effective strategy and implements it in the advertising cabinet. We are always open for feedback and happy to communicate with the client, because from the very beginning, we live the targeting stage of advertising together.

Target audience analysis

Before setting up targeted advertising, experts conduct a comprehensive analysis of the site (if any) and the client’s business as a whole.  Niche, competitors, product and demand ,use be analyzed. To do this, we use modern marketing tools that allow marketers to analyze the target audience and make an effective promotion plan with projections for future development.

Setting up your ads

We set up, run and monitor the advertising campaign, keep track of statistics, optimize and make changes. 

Improving performance

Testing different tools and choose the most effective ones.

Discuss the results

We report on the results of the advertising campaign. We are preparing a report. We propose a work plan for the next month.

The team knows what kind of social media your target audience will be most interested in clicking on your ads and take the desired action on the landing page.

Fair prices

Contract work


New clients

226 +

Our clients around the world

990,000 +

Total advertising budget of clients

500,000 +

Monthly conversions from our ads

Successful targeting advertising on VK, Instagram and other social networks should be organically woven into the overall thought-out marketing strategy of your company. 

Leave a request and get an analysis of the approximate cost of the application in your area based on 226 implemented projects in different countries within 24 hours.

Contact us and together we will increase your customer flow

The 60days step marketing-strategy agency is happy to answer all your questions 

What platforms?

The 60 dyas step marketing-strategy agency works with platforms available at your area: LinkedIn, VK, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook etc. 

What is your advertising budget?

To correctly calculate the budget it is necessary to define the project objectives and its KPIs (key performance indicators). After that the team conducts a comprehensive analysis of the audience and determines which ads will get the greatest response. The recommended budget will be based on the cost and the target number of conversions. The cost of conversions includes the number of impressions, conversion rate, cost per click and CTR (click-through rate). Considering the uniqueness of each project, to determine the budget we conduct testing, which reveals the cost per 1000 clicks, the value of conversion rates, click-through rate, price per click (CPC). during the work process our specialists will approve all financial decisions with you, taking into account the peculiarities of your business and your wishes.

How much does it cost?

The cost of targeted advertising depends on the amount of work. The more advertising groups you need to set up — the higher the cost. We offer different price packages: minimum, optimum, and maximum. In any case, each of the packages is designed in such a way that targeting advertising in all cases will produce stunning results. 



The company 60 days step Marketing Strategy provides guarantees of attracting quality traffic to the site. It is also very important not to forget that not every website visitor will make a purchase or leave a request. Many factors affect the decision: the market situation, the uniqueness of your offer, the cost of the product or service. From our side, 60 days step Marketing Strategy does everything possible to maximize the effectiveness of the promotion.