Sales Manager

Hi! We are a marketing agency 60 days step. We are engaged in promotion of companies on the Internet. This is mainly contextual and targeting advertising. We have been working since 2017, we have more than 200 interesting cases in different areas. We mostly work with medium and large budgets, so you won’t get bored!

Who we need now: a manager to build a system to attract clients in different countries, making presentations for foreigners. You can work from any city, you need a stable Internet, free at least 4 hours a day, mobile connection. If you are not afraid to talk to people, you are the right person for us!

Don’t worry! We have a great training system and when you’re ready, you move on to communicating with foreigners (the sooner the better).

Due to the international market entry we are considering different cooperation options, apply for the vacancy, don’t hesitate 

What are the prospects: There is a great opportunity to join the sales team and actively participate in the growth of the business, as well as training in marketing and negotiation. There is no salary ceiling!


Negotiating.  (training is free)

Building a system to attract clients in the country where you have had experience or where you previously lived. We pay for all necessary services and a fixed part for new traffic channels



  • Ability to conduct a dialogue correctly and confidently + clear speech
  • Desire to learn and develop in the company
  • 1 year experience in sales and preferably in marketing
  • Desire to work remotely and with a flexible schedule
  • Experience of working on the phone
  • Availability of PC
  • A spoken foreign language. English and Spanish are priorities.



  • Fixed pay + pay per sale average of $500 per foreign client + bonuses for fulfilling the plan
  • no unnecessary noise when talking on zoom
  • weekly payments
  • average wage $1,500 
  • supervisor to assist with training

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