Why do you need an offer?

Let’s talk about what an offerer is and why you need one if you’re planning to promote on instagram?

❗Offer is an offer you can make to your customers, something enticing and necessary at the same time. For example:




The offer itself is placed in front of everyone to attract maximum attention — in the header of the profile.

🔆Discount — here we can specify any discount on the whole product or on something specific. For example, a 10% discount on any first service for all new subscribers. It’s also good to set a time limit — this will push people to buy even more. For example: 10% off any first service for all new subscribers within 3 days of signing up.


The bonus should be inexpensive and at the same time necessary. It should complement your main product. For example: With a purchase of 3000 p. or more, a set of author’s marshmallows as a gift. This is great for pastry chefs, but you need to calculate the average client’s check before giving something as a gift. Average customer check = total sales / number of customers. If it’s 2,000 rubles, then offer a gift on a purchase of 2,500-3,000 rubles or more.


Free can also give the benefit to your client, just need to consider the «necessity» and relevance of the material. For example: A colorist hairdresser can give the gift of an author’s hair care guide when you subscribe to his blog. Or a free first lesson if you teach something. The most interested people will come to this lesson and it won’t be hard to sell them the main product.

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