5 tips from a targetologist for static creatives.

The main purpose of advertising is to hook the viewer and get their attention.

Our tagger told us 5 actionable tips on creating creative for ads.

1️⃣. It is forbidden to use «home» pictures of products for advertising. In this case, everything suffers: light, background, clarity, highlight, pitch, etc.

2️⃣. Photos with people in them are statistically 30% more effective. It’s simple here — people like to look at people. Even if you’re selling brooms, let a beautiful hostess hold them.

3️⃣. Use before and after photos. Now we didn’t open the whole room, it’s not new, but it’s great for bringing in leads.

4️⃣. Make a catchy headline on your creative. People are lazy creatures, so if a person does not like the picture, the text is unlikely to read, even the most perfect sales. Therefore, the essence of write on the picture. But no more than 30% of the image, otherwise you will not pass moderation.

5️⃣. Play to your audience’s pains. To do this, you need to know their needs well and generally understand your product. A simple formula for a selling headline: problem + solution. For example: advertising isn’t working? Join us, we’ll teach you.

❤️By using the tips, don’t forget to save the post so you don’t lose it.

And for those who do not want to deal with these questions and spend time, nerves and money we have great suggestions, write to direct, we will discuss everything. ✒️

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