Google and Facebook Ads for the Mice industry platform


Mint — is a centralized event planning platform. If you ever organized an event you know how it hurts. Even a simple conference requires a lot of effort. Rent a place, find a photographer, proper light, food, and tech suppliers. And this is only for start.

Mint is a place where all participants of the event can find each other easily. Your company can meet partners here, search for deals, run a tender, and send RFP and proposals to their end clients.


Guys from Mint were going to expand and scale marketing budgets. To achieve this, they needed 100 more leads to present results to the stakeholders.


Mint merges a completely different audience. It includes executives, suppliers, and end-clients. It means that we had to reach a photographer, catering, tech team, and event manager at the same time.

We started with Google Ads and Facebook, to switch to email marketing later.

We predicted a cost for target action to be around $30-$40. This is the average price for a CPA in a narrow niche.

Campaign in numbers

Target action — “Fill out the form” on the website.

CPA — cost per target action.



After research, the team found out that conference organization is the most popular and problematic request. That’s why we emphasized keywords about conferences and finding event contractors. 

These groups of words were low-frequency, although fully targeted. We received only 3 filled forms after a week. So we decided to expand keyword groups.

During this period, an advertising campaign worked to get conversions on the site. We tested 6 different groups of keys in 4 advertising campaigns. We managed to get stable traffic for high-frequency queries and achieve a conversion rate of 10%. Also, some ad campaigns have higher click-through rates (CTR) than 5%.

We started running a campaign in the UAE and Saudi Arabia regions. In 2 weeks we added Turkey, Indonesia, Portugal, Bangladesh, and Egypt.

Week by week we added more target keywords. “Hotel with event rooms”, “Meeting rooms for rent” and “Venue for the conference” showed the best results.

Google Ads

Money spend — $1499

Clicks — 2379

Conversions — 86

Target action cost — $19,46

Facebook Ads

Money spend — $932

Clicks — 1527

Conversions — 9

Target action cost — $102

After a month we decreased CPA to $4-$5 on separate campaigns.


We created more than 20 creatives dedicated to each target group. Creatives were different for each group. We defined customers, suppliers and general. 



For customers

Unfortunately, Facebook didn’t show a lot of target actions we seek so much. 

Constant blocking by Facebook did not allow it to receive stable traffic. It regards the website and offers as suspicious business activity. A low conversion rate makes advertising on Facebook unprofitable. That’s why we stopped the campaign after the first month.

At the end of the first month we achieved the goal — attracted 100 leads to the website.

Email marketing

Managers collected contacts of event managers and executives on LinkedIn. Also, we collected more than 100 contacts through the website quiz form.

Emails offered customers to register on the platform via personal invitation. 

Overall open rate — 58,9%

Overall click rate — 2,3%

The numbers show that the contact base is collected correctly and the open rate of cold mailings is 59%, which is a very high result. After that, we suggested modifying the offer to increase the click rate.


Goals achieved — 100+ leads.

Target contacts collected — 800+. 

Mint team continues Google campaigns and improves email offers.

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